The Lean & Healthy Box


Are you a gym going fitness fanatic carnivore? If so then this is perfect for you! Jam packed with super lean premium local meat from one of our local award winning butchers, not to mention a Healthy Green Clean Eating Box from the award winning Veg In A Box.


The Lean & Healthy Box contains:

Local Rump Steaks (2 8oz)

Local Chicken Breast (10)

Diced Chicken (2 500g packs)

Extra Lean Diced Beef (2 500g packs)

Extra Lean Minced Steak (4 500g packs)

Pork Loin Steaks (4)

Stir-fry Chicken Strips (500g)

Beef Stir-fry Strips (500g)

Gammon Steaks (4)

Quick Fry Steaks (4)

Lean Steaks Burgers (4 6oz)

Local Sausages from Chinn’s, choose one:
Chinn’s Traditional Pork Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Traditional Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Cumberland Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Red Onion Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Leek Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Bramley Apple Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Ground Black Pepper Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Honey Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Spanish Style Chorizo Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Sweet Chilli Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork & Stilton Sausages (8)

Butchers Best Back Bacon (16 Rashers)

Lean Turkey Mince (500g)


Flat Mushrooms (2)

Tray of local free range Eggs

PLUS a Healthy Green Clean Eating Box from the award winning Veg In A Box:
Fine Beans
Avocado (2)
Broccoli (2)
Sweet Potatoes (4)
Peppers (2)
Little Gems
Cherry Toms

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