The Lean & Healthy Box


If you are starting to get in shape or are already a gym going fitness fanatic carnivore then this is perfect for you! Jam packed with super lean premium local meat, not to mention a free big healthy salad box. The added stress of shopping for super healthy meat and produce is no more and all for a very affordable price!


The Lean & Healthy Box contains:

A large amount of the finest Lean Butchers Devon Chicken Breast (12)

Extra Lean Mince Beef (1.5kg)

Extra Lean Diced Pork (1kg)

Whole Devon Roasting Chicken (2.2kg)

Extra Lean Devon Pork Steaks (6)

Handmade Pork Sausages or handmade gluten free Pork Sausages (10)

Lean Devon Chicken Stirfry Strips (1.2kg)
Choose any two of the following:
Honey Chilli
Char Sui

Tender Devon Rump Steaks (4 7oz)

Pack of Lean Meatballs (12 frozen)

Plus This box comes with a big healthy salad box with baby new potatoes, courtesy of the award winning Veg In A Box.

*all weights are approximate.

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