The Weekly Essentials Box


Our Weekly Essentials Meat Box, as it says in the name, contains all of the essential meat items for the week 🙂 All sourced from one of our lovely local award winning butcher friends.


The Weekly Essentials Box Contains:

Local Chicken Breast (2)

Lean Mince Steak (500g)

Diced Beef or Chicken Breast (500g)

Local Back Bacon (6 Rashers)

Local Chicken Thighs (1kg) or Stir-fry Beef Strips or Stir-fry Chicken Strips (500g)

Steak Burgers (4) or Meatballs (12)

Local Sausages, choose one from the following:
Veyseys Traditional Pork Sausages (8)
Veyseys Traditional Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8)
Veyseys Pork & Leek Sausages (8)
Veyseys Footlong Pork Sausages (3)
Lamb & Mint Sausages from Welland Down Farm (6)
Organic Devon Pork & Herb Sausages from Haye Farm (8)

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