The Slow & Low Box


The only way to do it, Slow & Low!
This box has absolutely everything you need to make some breathtaking slow cooked dishes! One of our personal favs is a good old fashioned beef stew or even slow roasted pulled pork… Yum.

As always all of our meat is sourced from one of our multi award winning butchers and Veg from our sister company Veg In A Box.


The Slow & Low Box contains:

Brisket of Local Beef or Pork Shoulder Joint (1.5kg)

Choose any 2:
Diced Lamb, Diced Beef, Diced Chicken or Diced Pork (500g)

Extra Lean Minced Local Steak (2 x 500g)

Local Sausages, choose one from the following:
Veyseys Traditional Pork Sausages (8)
Veyseys Traditional Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8)
Veyseys Pork & Leek Sausages (8)
Veyseys Footlong Pork Sausages (3)
Lamb & Mint Sausages from Welland Down Farm (6)
Organic Devon Pork & Herb Sausages from Haye Farm (8)

Local Chicken Thighs (1kg) in one of the following:
Sweet Bones & Butts Rub (Maple BBQ rub and seasoning)
Jack’n Cola Rub (Cola Chipotle BBQ Rub)
Honey Chilli Rub
Moo Mami Rub (Ultimate Umami grilling powder!)
Feather Duster (Sweet with a little heat!)
Cowpat (Competition BBQ seasoning blend)

Diced Devon Beef (500g)

Gammon Ham (1.5kg)

Local Pork Loin Steaks (4)

Shin of DevonBeef (750g)

Plus a seasonal Veg box from our award winning sister company Veg In A box:
Local Potatoes (2kg)
Onions (4)
Carrots (8)
Parsnips (4)
Swede (2)
Peppers (2)
Sweet Potatoes (3)

*All weights are approximate.

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