The Large Fortnightly Budgeting Box


Our Fortnightly Budgeting meat boxes are designed to give the meat lover enough amazing premium meats to last two weeks (at least) and at the same time, help them watch the pennies!

The Large Fortnightly Budgeting Box is the same as the other fortnightly budgeting boxes, but with MUCH more to offer! Suitable for a big family, it’s packed full of beautiful premium meats from our award winning local master butcher.



The Large Fortnightly Budgeting Meat Box contains:

Joint of Local Topside of Beef or Loin of Devon Pork (Approx 1.2kg)

Pack of Traditional Pork Sausages Butchers Own (10)

Extra Lean Mince (500g)

Devon Chicken Breast (4)

Beautiful Steak Burgers (6)

Diced Devon Beef or Pork (500g)

Large Pack of lean Stirfry Chicken Strips (600g) Choose From:
Sweet Honey Chilli
Char Siu
Garlic & Butter

Gammon Steaks (4 6oz)

Best Back Bacon (8)

Gammon Ham (Approx 1.5kg)

Large Whole Roasting Chicken (Approx 2.2kg)

Pork Loin Steaks or Pork Loin Steaks Char Siu Seasoning (4)

Extra Lean Meatballs (12)

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