The Fit Box


Our Fit Box is part of our Healthy Boxes range, created for those fitness fanatic carnivores out there 🙂 This one is filled with all of the essential meat items one could possibly need, from local sirloin steaks to local lean chicken breast and of course is prepared by one of our local multi award winning master butchers.


The Fit Box contains:

Local Sirloin Steaks (2 x 8oz)

Rump Steaks (4 x 8oz)

Skinless Chicken Breast (8)

Chicken Stir-fry Strips (500g)

Pork Loin Steaks (4) or Gammon Steaks (4)

Lean Mince Steak (2 x 500g Packs)

Chicken Goujons (500g)

Pork Tenderloin Medallions or Diced Chicken Breast (500g)

Lean Beef Stir-fry Strips (500g)

Local Chicken Thighs (1kg) in one of the following:
Sweet Bones & Butts Rub (Maple BBQ rub and seasoning)
Jack’n Cola Rub (Cola Chipotle BBQ Rub)
Honey Chilli Rub
Moo Mami Rub (Ultimate Umami grilling powder!)
Feather Duster (Sweet with a little heat!)
Cowpat (Competition BBQ seasoning blend)

Gluten Free Pork Sausages or Traditional Pork Sausages (8)

Turkey Mince (500g), Lean Pork Mince (500g), Chicken Mince (500g) or Steak Mince (500g)

Local Steak Burgers (6 x 6oz) or Chicken Escalopes (6)

Local Free Range eggs (10)

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