Organic Free Range Devon Chicken Thighs


Organic Free Range Devon Chicken Thighs from Haye Farm in Devon.

“We raise slow growing meat chickens from day old chicks brought from Windout Farm, a local, family run, organic farm. Initially we keep our chicks in a large brooder where the chicks snuggle under heat, which is comparable to being under the warmth of their mother hen. They stay in the brooder for the first 4 weeks. Once big enough to venture outside, they are moved onto our pasture, where they roam freely and forage for grass, seeds, worms and insects. The space to roam freely means that they become healthy and strong birds. They are also supplemented with an organic mixed grain in addition to what they forage. The breed itself and the way we rear them ensures that they grow slowly. As a result, they produce a delicate yet muscular meat that is full of exceptional flavour.”

Organic Free Range Devon Chicken Thighs (1kg)

All meat packs are frozen at point of butchery.

Store in fridge and consume within 2-3 days of receipt, or freeze immediately. All items are labelled with use by dates.

All weights are approximate.

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