Devon Reared Shoulder Of Pork


Amazing locally sourced Devon Reared Shoulder Of Pork.  Sourced locally and prepared by one of our amazing award winning butchers.

Fantastic for pulled pork!

Available with or without rub/seasoning.

Devon Reared Shoulder Of Pork, available in:


Available with or without rub/seasoning.

The rubs/seasonings available are:
Sweet Bones & Butts Rub (Maple BBQ rub and seasoning)
Jack’n Cola Rub (Cola Chipotle BBQ Rub)
Honey Chilli Rub
Moo Mami Rub (Ultimate Umami grilling powder!)
Feather Duster (Sweet with a little heat!)
Cowpat (Competition BBQ seasoning blend)

Store in fridge and consume within 2-3 days of receipt, or freeze immediately. Suitable for freezing. All items are labelled with use by dates.

All weights are approximate.

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