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Slimming World

Slimming World’s members follow a Food Optimising eating plan, take moderate activity through its Body Magic programme and have group support through shared experience with other slimmers to encourage behaviour change, called IMAGE Therapy.

Slimming World’s eating plan is based on the science of satiety (the satisfying qualities of food) and energy density.

Foods that satisfy appetite and are low in energy density, such as fruit and vegetables, pasta, potatoes, fish and lean meat, are called Free Foods and can be eaten without weighing, counting or measuring.

Foods which are often banned on other weight-loss plans, are allowed within Food Optimising, and these are controlled by a “Syns” counting system.

Foods that can be eaten freely include:

All lean red meats
All lean poultry and pork – including bacon
Fresh fish/seafood
Potatoes and pasta
Quorn mince/Quorn pieces
Some fat free yogurts (ie most Mullerlights)

These are the main foods that can be eaten freely. This means UNLIMITED AMOUNTS.

Slimming World

When we’ve been on the Slimming World plan in the past some of our favourite things to make are sweet potato cottage pie or butternut Squash roasted then blended in to a winter warming soup. You can even add some parsnip chips on top and add some spices, all of which are included in our tailor made Slimming World Friendly Box!

Our fantastic spring greens just arrived and they’ll be in the box, absolutely fantastic shredded up and used in a stir fry!

Also we are offering caceo powder why not make a Black Forest (we’ll pretend ) smoothie with cherry yogurt and the powder with some other fruits in too, yum!